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Bathroom for the elderly and disabled

Bathroom is the most intimate place in your home, and the comfort and convenience of its use are extremely important. Especially if you use the bathroom, the elderly or disabled. With a view to their company Sanitec KOLO many years has dedicated ceramics and engages in a series of actions aimed at assisting people with reduced mobility. Bathroom Solutions for the elderly and disabled people are becoming more available and popular. By constantly widened offer producers more people can inexpensively customize your home bathroom to the specific needs of the residents, who have mobility problems. Sinks the bathing and showering are more and more relaxation experiences The bathroom in the changing times 239 Bathroom for the elderly and disabled

for elderly or disabled person

Thought-out solutions Arranging accommodation, including bathrooms, according to the needs of people riding in a wheelchair, requires above all a thorough examination of all aspects that may prove to be barriers. These include height switches, thresholds, but also the size and level of attachment of ceramics and bathroom fixtures. – Nova Series Top Without Barriers has been designed for people who have mobility problems or are disabled and need a wheelchair. The collection is a convenient sink (width 65 cm) with a suitably profiled front edge, compact toilet bowl (height 46 cm) and a bowl pendant (length 70 cm). All elements of the wheelchair ramp facilitate easy and independent use of such devices – said Krzysztof Brzezinski, Product Manager – Ceramics from Sanitec KOLO. Natural light in the bathroom Purchase bath Shower

339 Bathroom for the elderly and disabled

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Nova Top Without Barriers is available in the tender Sanitec KOLO past few years. This is one of the first Polish solutions to the bathroom, dedicated people with disabilities. Ceramic tiles with custom sizes and finishes (eg boards) is not enough. To provide users with comfort, a series of Nova Top Without Barriers should be completed with handles NEAR Basic. – Basic Wheel are three basic grips proposed as solutions for bathrooms for the elderly and disabled. The railing is a simple, wall arch wall arch fixed and tilt allow you to perform self- toilet, so each person can keep in the bathroom proper sense of intimacy – Krzysztof Brzezinski added. Feng Shui In The Bathroom Imperial Lightning presents its new collection of bathroom lamps Modern Bathroom Furniture

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