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For many of us the concept of warm, flooded with light and – most importantly – the exploitation of cheap home, sounds very unreal. Meanwhile, it appears that such projects have long since ceased to exist only in the realm of dreams. What is the idea of energy efficient houses and passive, and how to fulfill an important role in her window, explained the expert’s OknoPlus. new table for children – furniture and the modern apartment Pantry in the house? Pros and cons Plenty of space – Intelligent organization of space 1 Unique Window Treatments for Contemporary Bedroom Decorations Window Heat guard

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Passive houses and enjoy a saving in Europe very popular. No wonder more and more common finding that such solutions are also the future of Polish construction industry. “increase awareness, to draw up a certificate of energy performance for new and sold the buildings and premises, as well as rising energy prices forcing the savings make it to convince the Poles begin projects that minimize power consumption and heating. And this is precisely energy and passive houses - buildings which, by including location of the relevant parts of the world, excellent thermal insulation and a skillful use of the heat generated by the population and household objects, are characterized as low energy demand, “says Isabella Tryba OknoPlus the company. modern garden – a terrace garden – A mobile bar from simple lines mountain chalet – style to the interior Music, the inspiration for decorating

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Energy efficient house and passive house The main difference between passive and energy-efficient home is the value of annual energy consumption in building operation. In the case of the first of these requirements is within the limits of 1915-1970 kWh / m 2, in the second one is 15 kWh / m 2. minimalist style – the landscape merges with the interior and became the main decorative element modern design furniture – modern interior modern furniture – penthouse suite Housse de couette coton kimono ming 140x200 L5328 Window Heat guard

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At home, energy efficient to ensure maximum comfort people just so a small boiler and several small radiators in the building while the passive thermal losses are minimized to the extent that they do not have to install a conventional heating in it – are the source of energy appliances, waste heat from the air, and sunlight getting through the window. Given the recent, window frames is one of the most important elements of both types of home construction. Living strict but modern Luxury and Design -furnished an apartment Minimal line furniture – The custom furniture bedroom design1 dt9518793 Window Heat guard

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Window Heat guard The windows are usually the main way to escape the heat outside the building, but – if you have a very good coefficient of thermal insulation – helps in the right way to use sunlight, a free energy from nature. “Airtight windows is a must in the project, both passive house and energy efficient. Appropriate windows and profiles, such as those filled with the THERMO OknoPlus offer, combined with the so-called. Latest trends ceramics (II) light and space in a villa Lighting collection – house garden Salle de bains Window Heat guard


“Warm assembly, allow to eliminate the formation of thermal bridges, and thus – to reduce the energy requirements of the building. You should know that in the case of energy-efficient homes heat conductivity of the entire window should be set no higher than Uw = 1.3 W/m2K. For passive houses its value should not be higher than 0.8 W/m2K. “, explains Isabella Tryba, commercial director of the company OknoPlus.

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